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The challenge that comes with rentals is that there is some degree of control that is vested in the landlord and this can complicate security matters for the tenant.
Depending on the agreement and the kind of property, security issues in a rented house can be the most confusing.  This article looks at what you can do to ensure safety of your property even in such a set up.

Ensure You Read and Understand the Tenant-Landlord Agreement

This is most certainly the first point that you need to tackle before you can

Lock snapping is not a strange word in the ears of many who have either fallen victims or have had a close relative lose their property because of this. Burglars in the 21st century have become more tactful and will do anything just to gain access and control of your premises. Most security system developers including My locksmith have invested in highly mechanized and technologically advanced security systems to help curb this menace. Burglars on the other hand have also made an effort to ensure that they study the working

The issue of insecurity is not new to this generation and it will not stop here either. Every now and then, security breaches and concerns because burglars have found more innovative ways of gaining access to premises both residential and commercial despite heavy security details and manned access systems. Passwords have been cracked and hackers have always had their way. Even after identify cards were introduced, issues were still being raised of how people still find their way into buildings illegally. This article will focus on the major strides that

Replacing or upgrading a lock is not as easy for many residential and commercial property owners. While many people take the process casually, lock replacements need to be preceded by a deliberate needs analysis. You have to be clear on what preferences line up your way and what are the opportunity costs involved.

Locks not only deter criminals from your home but also give physical protection to your business assets and ensure safety of other valuables. The market today is full of locksmiths who ply their trade in both brick and

The rise in insecurity has made people to be insecure especially in buildings and public places. Cases of burglars and intruders breaking into offices and stealing vital business data are rampant and this has affected the performance of business organizations thereby lowering productivity. Security of employees and business assets needs to be assured if your customers are to feel safe in their working environments. Intrusion detection systems are very critical units that can help you control the entrance and exit of people into your business premises while at the same

It is expected that time and again you may find yourself leaving your home either for a business trip, vacation or just to say hi to a long-term friend. Whichever the case, you need to leave your home secured so that upon your return you will still find it in one piece. Research has shown that most homes are broken into during times when the owners are away. This article looks at some of the tips that can help secure your home and prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening when

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